RSL Sub Branch

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26 Marian Street,
Miles, QLD 4415
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Information for Members

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month (except December) at 11:00 am.

Sub Branch History

The Miles RSL Sub Branch is believed to have been formed about 1920. Regrettably, early minutes are missing.  The first President was Charles Gundry and Secretary George Clark.

The Sub Branch has always worked for the best interests of veterans.  ANZAC Day has always been observed, with good community support.

Prior to WWII, no cenotaph was available, so a large garden toolbox improvised.

The post-war return of veterans saw Ian Hamilton elected as President.  A major event was the placing of the captured WWI gun in ANZAC Park in 1957.  The personal efforts of Peter Collas in obtaining this gun was much appreciated.  The gun was paraded along the main street, pulled by two horses, closely following a Light Horseman mounted on a black charger.  Two Gunners rode the draft horses with two more standing on the gun foot plates.  All wore WWI uniforms and were local WWI veterans.

The Sub Branch was proud to raise the finance to build the Gallipoli Unit at the Carinya Retirement Village in Miles in 1990.  The tremendous effort of the Ladies Auxiliary made this possible.

A highlight over the years was the purchase and renovation of a building for Bub Branch headquarters in 1989.

Assistance was provided to the Miles Historical Society in the provision of war time artefacts and expertise for the highly renowned War Museum located at the Miles Historical Village.

In later years the Sub Branch has been pleased to welcome into membership all those who have served in our Armed Services irrespective of where that service was.

Contributed by Eric Geldard, member since 1946.